Thursday, 15 July 2010


1.Scottish Parliament Building /Library

2. Scottish Poetry Library

3. Edinburgh University Library Special Collections

4. Royal College of Surgeons tour of building including Pathological and Historical Museums.

5. National Museum of Scotland – Scottish Life Archive

6. National Library of Scotland – Rare Book/Conservation Department

7. Edinburgh Central Library – Fine Art Library


  1. Dear delegates,

    May we (Cathy and myself) kindly ask you to write a short paragraph on the visit you went on yesterday, 15th July, for the next issue of the ARLIS News-Sheet?

    We would still need someone to write about the Scottish Poetry Library and the Edinburgh University Library Special Collection.

    Don´t be shy or scared... it is just a little paragraph on where the visit was and what you´ve seen and how you liked it. Really not much.

    Please get in touch with either me or Cathy by emailing us (raika.wokoeck[at] and cathy.johns[at]

    Many thanks

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