Friday, 16 July 2010

Session 4: Digitising the Future

John Hargreaves - Copyright considerations when sourcing, using and reusing digital media

John's presentation will cover the main areas to consider when sourcing, using and re-using digital still images. He will cover the main points of law as it applies to the use of digital still images as well as discussing a number of strategies that might be used to minimise the risk of falling foul of the legislation. John's presentation will also contain advice on where to legitimately obtain digital images including a review of a number of websites that make copyright free images available.

Annette Ward & Stephen J McKenna - The FABRIC View: Illuminating Digital Works of Art

Fashion and Apparel Browsing for Inspirational Content (FABRIC) is a UK Technology Strategy Board funded project that has been developing innovative technologies to browse image collections. Novel visualization software enables automated positioning of individual images within a large digital collection based on their visual attributes such as colour, texture, and shape. These new displays allow the user to efficiently view image relationships throughout the collection while making optimal use of the available space on the computer screen. This technology is being evaluated with the Victoria & Albert Museum for cultural heritage applications and by Liberty Art Fabrics for design inspiration for the commercial sector. This highly visual presentation will illuminate these and other applications using a series of displays that are works of art in their own right.

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