Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Visits part 1: tour of the Senedd and public art in the Bay

Be taken on an official tour of the Senedd, the building of the National Assembly for Wales, in Cardiff Bay. Opened in 2006, this Richard Rogers’ design has impressive sustainability credentials. As part of the visit, there should be opportunity to sit in the public gallery to observe Plenary, the full meeting of Assembly members.

Afterwards there will be a walking tour of examples of the plentiful public art in the Cardiff Bay area, which reveals Cardiff’s industrial and maritime heritage, led by creative consultant Wiard Sterk, who commissioned many of the works in his role as Director of CBAT, the Arts & Regeneration Agency. Wiard will highlight different approaches to public art, its purpose and why and how the works came about.

minimum 10, maximum 20 people


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