Thursday, 14 July 2011

Keynote: Penelope Curtis

Penelope Curtis, Director of Tate Britain gave our keynote speech.

Having worked in Leeds at the Henry Moore Institute, Penelope has a great familiarity with the city, especially the architecture.

Her focus was on her work with two artists creating work about the University of Leeds Campus, looking at the futuristic buildings (some of which used in science fiction films such as Blakes 7) built in the 1960s.

Both created films to be installed in a gallery, one (Gerard Byrne) focussing on black and white film and using actors playing students from the 1960s, and the other making a moe contemporary film with actual students.

Since this exhibition this part of the campus has been listed - I know I will certainly be taking a closer look as I walk around campus over the next couple of days!


  1. This was a fascinating talk. She talked about using the archives and special collections as a source for artistic inspiration, and how the idea of memory juxtaposed with imagination and architectural visions of utopia intrigued her.

  2. It was a great talk, I have added a new blog post outlining my thoughts about it.

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